Sunday, 30 March 2014

Wooden Postcards

Always exciting to open a new box of goodies, and this time it's wooden postcards from the company Timbergram.  Found this Company at the Trade Fair in Melbourne, back in February and have been eagerly awaiting this order which had to wing itself all the way from England.  Okay, here's the parcel shot, filled with anticipation!!

And inside, here we go.  Look at them, lined up there, looking gorgeous!!

They truly are a delight, and if you're like me and enjoy popping something into the post to stay in touch with family and friends the old fashioned way, then these are for you too.  They are distinctive and stylish and a gift to treasure!

Timbergram was inspired by the original wooden postcards of the early 1900's.  They are designed and produced in the United Kingdom and are now in over 500 stores and galleries in the UK.  So if you can't get to Selfridges, then you will be able to find them here, in Meeniyan.  Come in to see the range.  There are some birthday ones too.

Now, some good news to share!  Timbergram works closely with Tree Aid and helped to plant over 1,000 trees in 2013.  For every 10 Timbergrams sold, another tree can be planted by a villager in the drylands of Africa, transforming their life and their landscape for the long term.  Look at these beautiful, happy faces.

The price you ask?  Just $4.95 per Timbergram, why not pop one in the post today, give to a friend, keep for yourself, or perhaps frame one.  Wooden it be nice?


  1. Wow they look a really novel idea, I collect postcards and love receiving them. I believe there is a website called Postcrossings and that is something to do with sending postcards to others somewhere in the world. Have you heard of this and do you know how it works?,,,

  2. Yes, I recently joined Postcrossing and have enjoyed sending and receiving postcards to/from all points of the globe. It's nice sometimes to get off the computer and pick up a pen!! Here is the website if anyone would like to learn more about it.